Video Appointments

If you are looking to take less time off of work or avoid the drive, video appointments are a convenient way for you to communicate with Dr. Fivenson to get the help you need. Below are three of the services that Dr. Fivenson uses to keep in touch securely with his patients.

During this pandemic, we are encouraging video appointments for your safety as well as ours.

All you need is an iPhone or Android and a free app to set up a video appointment with Dr. Fivenson.  The added benefit of this app is that you can securely message and send videos or pictures to assist the doctor in your treatment.

Please make sure to call the practice at (734) 222-9630 to get set up with one of our Video Appointment platforms.

Using your computer or phone camera, schedule an appointment to have a video visit with Dr. Fivenson. 

Video Visit via CHIRON


Video Visit via DOXIMITY

Contact Us Please call for appointment scheduling.

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After Hours

For Non-Emergency questions, use the patient portal or use the Contact Us form

In case of Emergency, call St Joseph Mercy Hospital Operators at
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