Welcome to Fivenson Dermatology

Putting Dermatologic Research Into Practice

Welcome to Fivenson Dermatology, an office that treats many of the common medical dermatologic diseases (eczema, acne, moles, rashes and skin checks for skin cancer) and specializes in the diagnosis and management of comlex medical dermatologic diseases, including: pemphigoid, pemphigus, dermatitis herpetiformis, lupus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis, psoriasis and psoriatic arthiritis, vasculitis, vitiligo, cutaneous lymphoma (e.g. mycosis fundoides), atopic dermatitis.  We have many years of experience in running and designing dermatologic clinical trials.  We also focus on wound care, such as leg ulcers and foot ulcers along with advanced therapies for would healing including biologic and non-biologic dressings.

Our patients come from right down the street as well as referrals from all over Michigan and the Midwest.  We were one of the first dermatology practices in Michigan to leverage the potentials of an electronic medical records system and have tried to be as 'tech savy' as we can with a goal of comprehensive dermatologic care.  These tools allow us to have: rapid communication and coordination of care plans with primary care providers, other specialists and dermatologists as well as options for Telemedicine consultations (established patients only).  We also have a user-friendly portal for messaging and sending lab results to you.

Our office is also committed to being an energy conscious "green" practice.  The effects of climate change on our health and welfare are of great concern and we have been trying to educate and lead by example.  Other places on our site have numerous resources for patients and families.  Our green office initiatives are also listed for your review.  Dr. Fivenson has become a leader amoungst the dermatologic community in climate awareness and has been writing and lecturing about some of the skin consequences of our warming planet.